Dangers Of Alcohol Abuse Among Women

While it is true that women and alcohol abuse is not a common thing, but it exists, and one out of every twelve women is currently suffering from alcoholism. Moreover, the abuse of alcohol is increasing among women as well. Let’s look at it in details. How Common is Alcohol Abuse in Women? Men may be at… Read More »

Female Mental Health Issues After Using Drugs

There is more focus on the problems men face when it comes to drug addiction than there is on women. That’s because often men use more drugs than women and start using at an earlier age. One in every five men has an alcohol problem where for women it is one in every twelve. Of… Read More »

Abusing Prescription Drugs Among Women: Questions And Answers

Did you know that one in four women takes medication for their mental health? Women are more likely to take prescription medication for problems like anxiety or depression. Antidepressant use has gone up 29 percent since 2001 for women. Over time men are more likely to abuse drugs like opioids, but it seems that prescription… Read More »

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Dangers Of Using Drugs While Being Pregnant

Pregnant women know right from the start that it is important to be careful what you put into your body. That’s because you share everything with the baby growing inside of you. Illegal drugs are never safe for your baby. Using drugs while pregnant can lead to miscarriages, low birth rate, premature labor, placental abruption,… Read More »

Features Of Treatment For Women

You probably know all about addiction already. Maybe you suffer from it, or a friend does or a beloved family member. You know that addiction can change or ruin someone’s life and affect others in it. You might want to know a bit more about treatment for women though. Let’s take some time and go… Read More »

Why Is It Important To Consider Female Special Need While Recovery?

There are differences when it comes to treatment for each gender. Just as every person needs special and individualized care, there are special needs for women that need to be met. What treatments that might work for men wouldn’t have the same effects for women. Context Is Important Substance abuse treatment for women needs to… Read More »