Our Unique Services

We know that women require unique services to aid in their treatment and recovery. It is essential for them to feel strong, confident, and whole. That is why we provide a few luxury services that are meant to make them feel human and worthwhile.

It is proven that taking time to relax and focus on oneself can improve recovery. Women especially need to take a minute and pamper themselves. They need to respect their bodies and search for mental clarity.

24 Hour Fitness Center

There is a fitness center open 24 hours that is provided for those who have earned that privilege. Usually, after the first week, women are welcome to start adjusting to their new healthy bodies. Exercise promotes mental and physical help both, and can be a good distraction from drug cravings and even help to curb them over time.

Our fitness center is fully operational and ready for those who wish to use it.


A privilege that is earned after ten days of treatment, our spa wants to treat your body. Drug use can be hard on your body and mind, tense up your muscles or force you to be malnourished. Taking the time to receive massage therapy can help relax your body and reconnect you to it.

We also have state of the art face masks and other treatments here to pamper you. The body is your home, and you have to live in it, so why not treat it well? More than your mind needs to heal, your body does too.


Yoga is a proven method to treat drug addiction. It can help strengthen wasted muscles and bring peace to your mind. We have talented instructors here to take you at your own pace and never rush you too fast.